First Step- Pick the site and determine the weather or determine the wx and pick the site.

Determine the wx in the area with current winds and forecast and verify sky conditions with vis reports and wx cams.


WA-WindsAlert, Aeroweather, WU- Weather Underground

Links to save. 

FAA WX CAMSChugach National Forest Avalanche Info-, DOT Road Wx Stations


KINCAID CHALET– 350-020 5-10mph– Use ANC ASOS – 248-2033 or find on Windalert, or another app.  Check the currency of the report.

CARR-GOTTSTEIN PARK- 100-350- Use ANC ASOS – 248-2033 or find on Windalert, or another app.  Check the currency of the report. Works best in a NW to SW wind condition @7-12 from ANC ASOS. E winds can be gusty but sometime smooth and consistent.

ER- Need NW winds 270-340Gordon Lyon, Hiland- N / Southfork Area- SW or Arctic Valley- S, SW, SE for backside  TOP OF ARCTIC VALLEY, ER LAUNCH-CALL 907-694-3017, Birchwood WEATHER CAMS

Alyeska- SE light, W peak 20 at Bird Prince William Sound ForecastWeb Cam of Mtn. Alyeska Summit WindsMAP OF ANC WXPenquin Peak- DOT Road Wx Stations Penguin Peak Elevation: 4200 Ft

FLAT TOP  200-330- possible 120-360 Penquin Peak- CNFAICWindalerts AnchorageGlen Alps Parking Cam

KINCAID MOTORCROSS- 180-220 Anc Asos, 2- Winds at Mc Hugh Creek, 3- Winds at Kenai-  At Anchorage Airport you are looking for Winds from 180-220 at 7-9. The winds at McHugh Creek must be light, West preferably. Winds at Kenai from the S to SW.  Stronger the better.

HATCHER PASS SITES: Marmot 120-200, Lake Hill- 250-300, Nixon Nose 100 0r 270, Eldorado 135  Marmot Wx Station, Wind around the area like Palmer Airport, Willow Airport.  LakeHill is looking for a W General flow to NW.  Marmot is quite consistent throughout the year.  Look for a SE-SW flow. It is higher up so go to Step 3 and check Winds Aloft.

Step 2- FORECAST -Is its going to change-  3 Day Forecast,  NWS Forecast

Step 3- WINDS ALOFT if you get high?  Winds Aloft for Anc   Anchorage Winds AloftWINDS ALOFT TEXT