March 1st kicks off a new paragliding season for us here in Anchorage. The days are longer and warmer now. If you are interested in becoming a paraglider pilot and flying this coming Summer, STOP and call, email or text right now to get signed up.


How to learn: Learning to paraglide starts by contacting an USHPA (United States Hang gliding and Paragliding Ass. ) Certified Instructor and scheduling a day to get out, and if the weather cooperates you will be fitted with gear, learn to hook in and start by kiting the wing on flat ground.  A tandem flight might be possible too.  By the end of your first day you will have learned the setup and break down, some terminology, and start to understand how ushpa logo Yellowto control the glider.  In two to four days you will be able to handle the glider for inflation, launch, short flights and landing.  When you and your instructor feel comfortable and safe, we move up to larger hills and longer flights.  You will also learn weather theory and aerodynamics to gain understanding that will be verified by written and oral exams.   In approximately 15 days you will be able to fly on your own- Solo! At that point you will have the opportunity to go out and practice what you have learned at different sites in your local area by yourself.  This course of education ends with a P2 certification from USHPA verifying that you can safely pursue solo flights in good conditions.

NOTE: The tandem lesson and P1 course can be considered part of your payment towards the full P2 certification. You don’t have to commit to it before you experience the thrill.–

 Tandem Paragliding: $20000127  A great way to try out the sport of paragliding.  You will launch with a certified tandem instructor , take the controls and maybe even  soar.

P1 Course: $450   Three day hands on course in the Anchorage area.  We will teach you all about the basic setup and how to take-off and land for short flights.

P3 Advanced Training: $450   This is your pilot rating.  You have proved you can go to a variety of sites and make good decisions.  We run you through a P3 test and test your skills.  Then refine your skills and teach you new techniques to handle challenging scenarios.

Paramotoring: $550

Once you have the skills for your P2, learning to fly a motor will be a simple transition. Safe of the motor requires specific instruction and allows for long, enjoyable flights.

 Advanced SIV Maneuvers Course: $250/ day    Through out the Summer months we plan to do three or more weekends of towing pilots up behind our boat with custom hydraulic payout wench and guide them by radio on Beamer_2_Rogallo-reservethe maneuvers discussed prior to take-off.  There is no experience in towing required.  You must be a P2 or higher.  We start off with simple task building up to more complex and demanding maneuvers.  This is a must for every pilot and it is recommended to repeat every other year or when changing gliders.

Advanced Training: $250/day private — $200 /day group –High wind techniques, maneuvers, ridge soaring, thermal soaring, flying speed wings and cross country flying.

Paratreks: call for pricing –   
Take a Flycation. Travel while learning to fly better and experience new sites. A good pilot is always learning no matter what your skill level is.  Every winter we try to go on a flycation to some awesome place on the planet for flying.  Consider joining us.  Save money, learn a lot, and cultivate relationships with other pilots. We often go to our old soaring grounds of Hawaii and Southern California. Hawaii is an amazing place to fly but to fly their safely you must understand the very complex weather and wind dynamics. We  have mapped out after many days of walking, driving and flying the best places under all weather conditions. We will teach this theory and you can take it with you to evaluate future sites you may fly.  We also can say quickly its not a good day and not waste time flying when there are many other fun adventures to embark on.  Come with us and we will get you in the right spot at the right time to maximize your airtime.

It’s fun, educational, and the group experience makes strong memories and saves you money

Please contact us for up coming trips.