PARAGLIDING TOURS-                                                                                           Paratrekking we often like to call it. With groups each pilot benefits by learning a lot from each other and also get much more for their money in lodging, transportation and more. Let us know if one of our future trip excites you.

COLOMBIA- 2019 Jan. 21st- Feb 15th Roldanillo Region                                Columbia has been a very popular winter get away for paragliding pilot due to it’s consistent flying weather.  Many pilots of all skill levels have benefited by getting mucho amounts of air time..  Most pilot boost doubling their overall airtime and many setting personal best fights.

BEST GEAR, FUN TRAINING, TRIP TO COLOMBIA= A REAL PILOT                     P1 Course locally. 5 days of learning the basics here for $500 and then go to Santa Barbara California for 8-9 days to finish up for $2000.00.

ALASKA– July 2019 – 5/29-6/5   6 pilots @ 1850.00/ pilot.  Includes Trans, Lodging, Guiding and Instruction. Call