Paratreking is what we often like to call it. The best thing about going on a Paratrek is that everyone has their priorities straight. GET LOADS OF AIRTIME. There is nothing better than going on a memorable trip with nothing but like minded people. With groups, each pilot benefits by learning a lot from each other and also can often save on lodging, transportation and more. While guiding these trips one of our goals is to help all become better and safer pilots. We can do this using our 28+ years of paragliding. Let us know if you’re interested in going on one of our future trips.

ALASKA SUMMER PARATREKS- 6 P2+pilots for 5 days @ $600.00/ pilot.  Includes Trans, Guiding and Instruction.

Call Steve @907-223-7891

COLOMBIA- Temporarily Cancelled Due to Covid-   2021 Jan. 21st- Feb 15th Roldanillo Region

Columbia has been a very popular winter get away for paragliding pilot due to it’s consistent flying weather.  Many pilots of all skill levels have benefited by getting mucho amounts of air time. Most pilots going are new P2s but P1s and P3 + pilots are welcome. Cost will vary. CALL!   Reports back from many who have gone before claim that we will most likely fly everyday except Sundays. Many have broken all their personal best and doubled their airtime. The lodging at The Nest is on launch allowing all to be ready to fly as soon as it gets good. This is really super!
  • THE PLAN-  NOTE this can and maybe modified,
  • Fly into Bucaramanga and travel up to Lodging on Launch at The Nest
  • Flying there everyday morning in thermals and afternoon Dynamic  air until the sunset.
  • Other sites we will visit- Chicamocha Canyon 1 hour away for  A spectacular 4000 ft vertical flight for all levels.
  • SITES Bucaramanga area. Please visit site below
  • WHEN NOV 2-16th 2021.
  • HOW TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN 1- To join our group.  Call or write us. 907-301-6118 or Steve at 907-223-7891  To those going. We need to settle on a date right away.    Richie at Colombia Paragliding says this is perfect time of year and so is January.
  • Airfare during Nov and Dec are around $________RT We will need a $500 deposit to hold each spot.
  • Best is a flight from Anc to Panama City PTY and ideally not through Florida but California and or Mex. Then book Copa Airline to Bucaramunga or Avianca through Bogota and then Bucaramanga.   Avianco Airlines or Copa Airline to Bucaramanga (BGA) and same from Cali  (CLO) to LAX and back to ANC
  • WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING 2 meter radio (com sys recommended for easy communication or at least a speaker/mic) Travel Insurance. There are good hospitals around. Make sure you have international medivac insurance.
  • All your pg gear,A vario, personal gear prepare for the heat. $300-$500 for lunch and dinners
  • ESTIMATED COST- $1500-1800 for tour. AIRFARE- $800-1200 Airfare- If interested and times don’t work for you, let me know what does and maybe we can adjust the dates.
  • Colombia 2019 Review:

    It was incredible! Doubled my total flight time. The people and the food were wonderful too! Sean McKavena
    *Other special places we like to visit and fly include Hawaii, California, Washington, British Colombia, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Europe. Let us know if you have any dreams about traveling to these destinations and we  will add you to a list of others pilots wanting to go.